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About Longshot Enterprises

Longshot Enterprises is a Custom Tarp, Awning and Curtain manufacturer. We make vinyl products for various companies and customers for resale, wholesale and retail purposes. All of Longshot’s product lines are made out of a premiere strength and quality vinyl. Manufactured in the Heartland we take careful pride in the quality and service that we offer all of our customers. In addition to manufacturing these products, Longshot Enterprises offers repair and installation services as well. We have learned that diversity offers more value to our customers so we have also picked up product lines from Agir-Cover, Pulltarps, Durasol and TriVantage Shade Systems. We truly are your one-stop-shop for tarps and awnings!

Quick Facts

Fact 1

We have been providing Tarp and Cover solutions in the region since November 2nd of 1999.

Fact 2

Longshot tarps #1 selling product is Livestock Curtains.

Fact 3

Have had 100% employee retention for over a year.

Fact 4

Owners Doug & Cindy Long have bee married since 1979.
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